White-Bearded Peaceniks

Pandagon: A Reading List To War, in which Santa Cruz is “home of reflexive dovishness and factually incorrect tirades” and those who were opposed to the Iraq war are “white-bearded peaceniks.”

I’m avoiding comment.

Meanwhile Matthew Yglasias writes rather academically that he “drastically underrate[d] the possible downside risks of the war” and that “the most pernicious thing about the public debate in America is the continued propensity of questions to be framed around generic issues of “hawkishness” versus “dovishness” rather than the more relevant question of where should finite military and related resources be deployed.” (I actually had to look up ‘pernicious’.)

A while back this white-bearded peacenik wrote this:

WAR. WAR. My God, we started a WAR! WAR IS THE WORST THING IN THE WORLD and we are at war, and we started it. Yes WE. You and me, our country, we started a war, and now we are starting to see it grow. We are seeing images of soldiers urinating on prisoners with hoods over their heads. We are seeing images of children burned to death, arms missing, mosques exploding, bombs ending lives, coffins returning home…

I’ll try to write something again soon on the topic of living as if the world is a TV show where you watch things happen to other people, instead of in the world outside of the United States where things happen to real people.

VietNam was the last time Americans were allowed to see what REALLY happens in a war. And because of the draft it happened to THEM. If you think about it, this means that no one under about 45 really understands that war is anything other than a TV show. It’s like the meat in supermarkets – it comes in a nice clean package. THIS is why the public thirsts for war. Much of the public sees this as a TV show. Clean. Sanitary. No REAL death. No REAL gore. It’s just another TV show. Like the meat in the supermarket.

Meanwhile… New wave of Iraq bombings.