While Kicking Democrats Out Of Needed Motel Rooms, FEMA Money To Republican Cities Not Hit By Hurricane

Evacuees Face Housing Crunch,

Thousands of evacuees from the Gulf Coast are staying in hotel rooms in Georgia and Texas, but they will have to find other accommodations in about two weeks.
At the federal Housing and Urban Development office in DeKalb County, several evacuees sought help Thursday at the agency, but were given little assistance.
“It’s stressful,” said evacuee Crystal Stanton. “It’s cold out here and we have until the 31st, and FEMA is going to put us out on the street.”

Meanwhile,Storm Hit Little, but Aid Flowed to Inland City,

The only damage sustained by most of the nearly 30,000 households receiving aid was spoiled food in the freezer.
[. . .] What happened in Jackson and its suburbs – in Hinds, Madison and Rankin Counties – might not be unique. Emergency officials elsewhere in Mississippi and in parts of Louisiana have also questioned how so much federal aid could have been authorized, given the limited damage they documented.
[. . .] The disaster area in Mississippi – which is led by Gov. Haley Barbour, a Republican ally of President Bush’s – extends 200 miles farther north than that in Louisiana, which is led by Gov. Kathleen Babineaux Blanco, a Democrat who at times criticized the federal storm response.

2 thoughts on “While Kicking Democrats Out Of Needed Motel Rooms, FEMA Money To Republican Cities Not Hit By Hurricane

  1. Weird, considering that the cities in Mississippi along the coast got no FEMA help at all for many weeks because all the media focus was on New Orleans. I wonder if they’re getting any aid now?
    FEMA’s got to be the world’s most inefficient agency. It turns out that they’re not paying the government flood INSURANCE claims for which people paid premiums for years, claiming that they’re out of money. Good God, this is the only flood insurance anyone can get here in NY, too! Plus they’ve sent out announcements that they’re not going to continue paying for hotel bills for those left homeless and jobless from New Orleans after Dec. 1. There was a meeting today here in NY between New Orleans residents shipped here who are about to be homeless, FEMA representatives, and representatives from the mayor’s office. The city may pick up the tab until Jan. 1 — but after that, the best the city’s going to offer is NYC’s famous homeless shelters unless FEMA comes up with something. Of course the obvious answer would be Federal help using Section 8, designed to help people pay their rent, but Bush is determined to phase that out.
    Most of those in NY never got that $2,000 check, either.

  2. Did you know that Wisconsin had 27 tornados in August and that the damage was pretty severe.
    FEMA turned them down flat.
    Lawmakers gave themselves a pay increase last friday right before or after they booted 225,000 families off foodstamps and cut Head Start funding so that another 27,000 will be denied entrance.
    They also cut childcare assistance,healthcare and clean water funding again, but we aren’t hearing much about it because of the stunts the Republicans pulled on the hill last Friday.
    Schmidt was a masterful troll, wasn’t she?

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