While Bush is President Things Can Only Get Worse

The Iraq War seems to be spinning out of control — a regional war involving Iran, Saudi Arabia, and maybe Turkey and Syria is now a very real possibility. Our positive options are very limited, but it makes a difference what we do, because we still have the power to make things worse.
Whatever the least-bad option is, Bush cannot choose it, because if he did he would have to admit that almost everything he’s done so far has been wrong. As it stands, he’s going to be President for another two years, and he’s far more likely to make things worse than he is to make them better. He’s already forced the Baker Commission to dumb down their already-weak report — and even so, he’ll probably ignore it when he finally gets it.
At this point, Bush is incapable of doing the right thing. We need someone in office who is not tied to the mistakes of the past. Bush and Cheney must be impeached.

5 thoughts on “While Bush is President Things Can Only Get Worse

  1. “a regional war involving Iran, Saudi Arabia, and maybe Turkey and Syria is now a very real possibility”
    On the brighter side, should we live through it, it will mean a resurgence of Hollywood for about 10 years. Woohoo!

  2. I also hope for a sitdown strike by the military.
    Bush’s own people seem far worse than Nixon’s though, with scarcely a sane man among them. I can’t think of a single one of them who I could imagine standing up to Bush in any circumstance.

  3. I’m fascinated by the fact, which just made the news today, that Rumsfeld sent a “classified” memo to Bush suggesting changes in Iraq policy two days before he resigned. Did he try to stand up to Bush and get thrown out for daring to do it?

  4. A sit down strike by the military is not going to happen.They do not have that option and would not go there if they could.They are the military.Thank God for that.I could argue with it and would probably but thank goodness they are not me.
    That classified memo fascintes me too.I heard the Reububican and Democratic anylists talking today…No big deal…The Republicans are saying what’s new, these sorts of memos go through every day.Maybe they do but the timing did seem to be a little obvious.I’m wondering too if it had anything to do with that resignation?It would appear sometimes that when Bush say’s whoever is doing a great job it’s like they are dead in the water.But,my question is who is doing the leaking and why? I’m always a little leary about who it ultimately benifits? Well I could be a little paranoid.

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