6 thoughts on “Which Way Is The Dancer Turning?

  1. Really weird! Definitely clockwise for me. I managed to force her to spin the other way for a few seconds, but then she went right back to clockwise spinning.

  2. I played with this for the longest time the other day. I got clockwise, took forever to get counter clockwise but when I did finally, I could switch back and forth pretty easy.
    And yes, I did own a bunch of those Magic Eye books until my depth perception went kablooey.

  3. Clockwise for me. Try as I might, I could not get the dancer to go the other way. Curses! Trapped in a right brain frame of mind.
    But I thought I read something recently that debunked or significantly challenged the right brain v. left brain analysis. Anyone else see that?

  4. At first I saw her turning counter clockwise. Now if I look away, suggest a direction to myself, look back out of the corner of my eye, I can then make myself see her turning in either direction. However, I absolutely can not make her change direction while I’m looking at her.
    Of all the optical illusions I’ve seen, this one is the most perplexing. While staring at her spin in one direction, I can not figure out how it is that I could possibly see her spin in the opposite direction.

  5. I started seeing it spinning counter clockwise.
    But if I focused on the feet and the shadows of same I could get it to switch quickly.
    OK so am I like super weird? Or just a little? 🙂

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