Which “Enemy” Are They Spying On?

I received a message from a “conservative” blogger with whom I exchange occasional e-mails. He supported Bush in the recent spying revelations. Here is what I wrote:

When President Bush says he is only using this capability to monitor “the enemy” is he talking about the same enemy as so many of your colleagues (even inside the White House itself) talk about when they say that Democrats like me are committing treason, aiding the enemy, undermining the war effort, hoping the terrorists win, hating America etc.? Is THAT the enemy he has the NSA monitoring? Perhaps you can understand why some of us aren’t reassured when we hear that “the enemy” is the only target of this. Perhaps we would not be so distrustful if President Bush were to condemn such talk as divisive – at a time when he should be working to bring the country together – rather than send his Vice President to appear on the Limbaugh show or on the same stage as Ann Coulter.

So, seeing as how the Drudge Report has a piece up today mocking Senator Reid for supporting the President after 9/11, we would be much, much happier knowing that there is at least some accountability and oversight in place here – warrants and notification of the Democrats as well as Republicans who lead the House and Senate – besides just asking us to accept the word of the great “uniter, not a divider” President.
I’m sorry if this sounds harsh, but I was listening to Limbaugh this morning. One would think he would be more interested in fighting terrorists than the half of America that I am in.

Please go read this (be patient, it’s Blogger so it can be really slow to come up), and then tell me I shouldn’t be nervous about what is happening. I wrote it in February, but it sure applies to what is happening today. Here is how it ends,

American democracy was built on a system of checks and balances, and mechanisms of oversight and accountability. But the checks and balances and oversight and accountability are being removed. There is no Congressional oversight of this administration, the Justice Department does not investigate its crimes, the Federalist Society judges block all attempts to enforce the laws and the new media is no longer functional. The military acts as an arm of The Party and The Party is firmly in control of the State. The system of controls and protections that was carefully built over the last two centuries was put in place for reasons, by people who learned the lessons of history. I can not think of a time in history when a society left itself so wide open to tyranny from its leadership without it occurring.

3 thoughts on “Which “Enemy” Are They Spying On?

  1. The legal, political, and moral lines are now clearly marked out. President Bush and his administration are lawbreakers, outlaws. And their most serious crime strikes at our own people, at our traditions of liberty and the rule of law. It is clear that these bad actors only believe in expedience, and in political results that are favorable to themselves.
    Using the NSA for domestic spying, without the issue of warrants, is a high crime. The late Eugene McCarthy described Bush and his gang as “bullies” whose intent has been to “bully everything”. The methodology of bullies remains ever the same. And it’s been pointed out to me recently that the sheer hubris of the Bush outlaws has been our only hope all along,– in that this unredeemed and persistent flaw would lead to their eventual undoing. They don’t know when to stop. They can’t stop themselves, and their pathology can only subsist on ever-expanding horizons of power and unquenchable demands. The President not only justifies the particular crime, but insists that it must continue. However, such a point was settled once before, in the case of Nixon; and for those who don’t neglect our history, the conclusion is that the President is not above the law.
    Are we safer now than we were, when Bush first came to power? No, not at all. And even rank and file republicans can’t afford Bush’s recklessness for much longer– as 2006 looms– and the shadow of impeachment grows longer, day by the day. A president who seems to want to take a pair of scissors to the Constitution is not the kind of authority figure Americans can stomach, much less support.

  2. Corruption spreads like wild fire in a land without firemen. This is rediculous that we don’t have more direct action holding these crimes up for all to see and see clearly.
    It’s unfortunately not going to get better by simply blogging about it; action is needed. 2006 will be a BIG year, and hopefully it will be a year of change. I’m call your attention to my favorite candidate for congress, Tony Trupiano. He’s running in my district, MI-11. This is a critical win for the Democrats, because Tony is determined to hold those in power REALLY RESPONSIBLE. Not just the passive, “Oh yeah. My fault. Let’s move on.” RATHER, the real down and dirty stuff today’s spineless congress currently is scared to do. Tony will fight. I ask that you support Tony, and other courageous men and women that are running for Congress in ’06.

  3. If the little town of Dover could come to its senses and throw out the school board shoving “intelligent design” down the throats of its school kids, surely the country can manage to clean house too, can’t it?

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