Where was Bush? and other stuff from the Kerry campaign.


The Democrats seems to be learning hardball. The DNC has a site up called “Where was Bush?” which conveniently summarizes the questions about Bush’s military service.

I’m not a military guy myself, but I’d love to see Kerry call out Bush personally during the debates.  Kerry’s speechwriters should be working up a few zingers that he could throw in somewhere — something like “I’d really love to have seen what kind of soldier you would have been, little man!” Bush is a fake in pretty much everything he’s ever done, and if Kerry calls him on that personally on TV, it might work.

Here is a Kerry release asking why the Bush administration has still not supplied body armor to all of the American troops in Iraq, and suggesting that maybe Jeb Bush could have a word with his wayward brother. 

Here is a summary of the failures of Bush’s domestic policies.