Where I Be At

My Compaq laptop is being repaired. The little round hole where you plug in the CD power cord – called a “DC Power Jack” – is loose and I had to fiddle with the thing to get it to charge. And every day it was a little harder to get it to connect… Anyway it was still under warranty for one more month so I sent it in. (Readers who remember the Democractic National Convention last year know about my getting a new laptop…) I get it back Friday.
I have a Mac at home, which I am using now. But it is a different system, I don’t have anything set up the way I like it, the bookmarks are all different, and I have to configure all the blogging software. And it is not portable. So I don’t know if I will be posting as much as usual.

2 thoughts on “Where I Be At

  1. I can’t use the blogging software successfully except with Firefox. Make sure you’ve got that on the Mac.

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