When Will AARP Respond?

The new anti-AARP smear from the Republicans: (some might try to deflect responsibility and say this is from the drug industry-front USANext, but it is the Republicans, it is a typical Republican tactic, the Republicans are benefiting from it and the Republicans certainly are not denouncing it.):

AARP? Not For Me!
From bogus surveys designed to promote a hidden liberal agenda to actively promoting liberal causes like gay marriage, the AARP has become one of America’s most active liberal lobbies — at the expense of seniors and their families. As a result, more and more Americans are standing up to the AARP and saying ‘enough is enough!’ Join the growing grassroots movement and voice your opinion on the AARP!”

By not responding with a fight the management of AARP is allowing their organization to be dragged through the mud by fascist thugs. But it’s more than that. Managing an organization as large and important and public as AARP puts them in a position with a certain amount of responsibility for the national discourse. By not responding they are allowing this kind of thug tactic to continue and grow in effect and harm all of us. The Kerry campaign did not respond to the Swift Boat smear, and look where that got them. This is another chance to fight back, and maybe put a dent in the Republican smear machine. AARP has a responsibility to all of us to try to shut this stuff down!

Bloggers, we need a drumbeat on this! Let’s see if we can get AARP to respond!

Update – And this.