When Republicans Whine

When Republicans whine about how mean the Democrats are, and how innocent Republicans are, and how the Democrats and Kerry are saying such bad things about them, remember that they have already come out with this:

“Also, Kerry’s ardent fans clamor over the Purple Hearts he received for each of his several wounds. What is not widely known is that even a minor wound can qualify for a Purple Heart, and a combination of Purple Hearts can be the basis for reassignment to a safer post. Kerry did, in fact, take a safer post after accepting his war medals.

Other veterans tell me they didn’t even put in for Purple Hearts, because they did not want to be transferred home unless they were seriously wounded. These veterans didn’t want to leave their buddies behind just to seek the safety of distance from the battle.'”

So cry me a river. And donate some money to a Democrat, any Democrat, so they can fight back. That’s how we’re going to win this election; every time you hear a Republican say something like that and makes you mad, send $5 or even $2 to a Democrat somewhere. There are MILLIONS of us, so even the occasional $2 matters!