What’s the Point?

Over at DailyKOS they are Debunking ’59 Deceits in Fahrenheit 9/11′.

I have two comments on this.

1) During the Clinton years, how many right-wing sites, magazines, pundits, etc. spent time publicly debating about other right-wing media were “getting their facts right” about the Clintons, or being fair to the other side, etc.? Is that where they spent their time and energy? And now they have the White House, the House, the Senate, the Courts, and every other lever of power.

2) The post itself identifies the site they are spending time arguing about as funded by “the usual suspects.” Why aren’t we awake enough to just dismiss what they say BECAUSE THEY JUST LIE?

The TREES are the lies, cover stories, excuses, smokescreens, PR, weasel words, and all the other tricks they use to keep you from seeing what is going on.

The Forest is WHAT IS GOING ON.