What’s next?

You’ve probably seen the video bite with Bush rousing his screened shills in New Mexico:

THE PRESIDENT: […] No telling what he’ll promise in October. (Laughter.) The problem is, he hasn’t said how he’s going to pay for it. Well, he said one thing, he said he’s going to tax the rich. You’ve heard that before, haven’t you?


THE PRESIDENT: Yes. Guess what? The rich dodge and you pay.


The rich dodge, huh? And then “we” pay! Gosh, how unjust. Putting aside your simultaneous rage and amusement at this fuck-you-what-are-you-gonna-do-about-it remark, what’s going on here? What populist kool-aid are we supposed to believe W’s been sipping?

You’re probably ahead of me by now.

This is a big smelly piece of chum. Kerry’s supposed to bite it. It’s the sneak preview introduction of the next Kerry attack campaign. They obviously have some really juicy stuff ready about this. I wonder what? We’ll find out the moment the Swift Boat Liars smear reaches its point of diminshing returns.