What’s Going On, Anyway?

Starting Saturday everything started going wrong. I won’t tell you about the drive from Manhattan to JFK, or American not giving me the upgrades that we already had. Or the incredible meal — it’s like they hire caterers who make fun of vegetarians who order special meals. But you expect to have trouble driving from Manhattan to JFK, and always, always with airlines. It’s not that…

Sunday I spilled coffee on my laptop, again. (I know, what a dick. Believe me — I’m hearing it.) And then I get a wasp sting sitting on my own couch in my own living room.

This morning I had a nice post for the weblog ready, and the Mac crashed. About a half hour wasted. I’ll try to recreate it. It was about the weather.

But here’s the best one. In the mail was a notice that my car insurance is cancelled. I call the agent this morning and find out it is because my driver’s license is suspended! To find out WHY my license is suspended requires a trip to the DMV. So I got that about 11, and got to talk to someone at about 2:30. Yes, waiting at the DMV from 11 until 2:30 to ask one question. THAT is what “cutting spending” means.

My license was suspected because I did not appear in court in July for a number of violations received in Bakersfield in March. Except I was not IN Bakersfield in March! The DMV printout had the phone number of the traffic court in Bakersfield. Call them. And by the way, if it really isn’t you it will still cost you $55 to get your license back. Don’t drive home.

So I call Bakersfield. naturally the phone system is designed to prevent you from talking to a human being, but there was a phone number given for something else, and i called that, explained and got through to someone who could look into this. It seems a David Thomas Johnson, with the same birthday as me, was ticketed for not having a driver’s license and a number of other things. So they contacted DMV, and DMV’s computer decided that David Courtney Johnson was close enough. If I send a letter to the judge with copies of my driver’s license and the DMV printout and a letter explaining, then in about 3-5 weeks they’ll get this off my DMV record.

Except the insurance agent tells me my insurance will be terminated by then. So more calls and finally they’ll try to get it straightened out with DMV in a few days…

That took ALL DAY.

Looking forward to tomorrrow.

The Mac version of Blogger doesn’t have a spelling checker. How’d I do?