What’s All The New Stuff?

There’s NEW STUFF here!
Some of the more observant of you have noticed something that looks like this at the end of every post:
Share this post: del.icio.us furl blinklist Digg it:digg shadows reddit blinkbits fark YahooMyWeb LinkaGoGo de.lirio.us blogmarks feedmelinks co.mments newsvine netvouz scuttle
Each of those little pictures is an icon that you can click to go to a service that lets you SHARE and RECOMMEND posts that you like with other people. If you hover your mouse over the ones at the end of a post (not these here), a message pops up telling you which service the icon represents. Digg is a well-known example of this, del.icio.us is another. They are free, you go there and see what other people are recommending, and (at Digg) you can “Digg it” which means adding a recommendation of your own. (Do you “del.icio.us it” at del.icio.us?) When enough people recommend something, it gains wider attention.
I suggest signing up at some of these sights. Then, if you see something here that you think more people should know about, click one or all of those icons, and go recommend it to others.
You also now see see a more prominent “Email this” at the end of posts. This is through FeedBurner. The old way is still there below the comments at the end of an individual post (which you see if you click “more,” “comments” or “permalink”). If you think a post says something worth sharing, e-mail it to others.
I wrote about Spotlight the other day. Spotlight lets you bring a post to the attention of specific journalists with your own message.
Also, there is an ad between some of the posts now. Gotta pay for the bandwidth somehow.
Yes, the TIP JAR is still there.

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