Whatever happened to Sibel Edmonds?

Sibel Edmonds is a former FBI translator who was fired after having accused the FBI translation service of serious lapses (including an apparent compromise of security which allowed an employee to protect a suspect). She was ignored entirely, not only by the 9/11 Commission but also by the U.S. press. (Her letter to the commission was ultimately published by the Asia Times in Hong Kong.) Despite the whistle-blower law, and despite a supportive report from Justice Department Inspector General Glenn Fine, Edmonds is now out of a job. The FBI has admitted nothing.

Thanks to my friend Diana Moon for the link. Diana is always interesting and is sometimes willing to rush in where angels fear to tread — though she did wimp out on us just recently. (She justified herself using the “sanity clause”, but there’s one thing she forgot: as Chico Marx pointed out, “There ain’t no Sanity Claus”.)

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