What Your Leaders Read — “Dangerous”

AMERICAblog tracked down the source of the “New Orleans dodges bullet” headline that so many Republican leaders — even General Myers — have referred to as the reason they thought they didn’t need to send help to New Orleans.
WorldNetDaily is a well-funded, far, far right website dedicated to spewing extremist propaganda. It ranks with NewsMax and Free Republic. This is Michael Savage, Rush Limbaugh, John Birch Society stuff.
If this is what they are reading, Rep. Pelosi used the right word to describe the Bush administration: “Dangerous.”

6 thoughts on “What Your Leaders Read — “Dangerous”

  1. There actually were some “New Orleans Dodges Bullet” reports, but this isn’t the story I heard or anything like it. The hurricane was NEVER downgraded to a category 2, at least until it was well inland. The “Dodges Bullet” part was based on the fact that the storm took a slight jog to the east and there wasn’t immediate flooding in New Orleans. The levees broke a bit later, and the first thought was that things hadn’t been as bad as they could have been.
    So the WorldNetDaily story is a dangerous lie with one shred of truth in it — for some hours, it was reported the worst hadn’t happened. Even if this is what this bunch of loons did read, didn’t anyone turn on the TV or look at a newspaper? Pretty feeble excuse, if you ask me. On a par with “not knowing” there were thousands of people at the Convention Center when all you had to do was turn on the TV to see this for yourself.

  2. It is foolish to try to deny the “dodges bullet” meme. First, it’s true. The hurricane was downgraded (slightly) and the eye did pass NO to the east. The wind could have been a lot worse in NO.
    Second, why let the bastards off the hook so easily? It wasn’t the hurricane that killed most of the people or destroyed NO as a functioning city. It was the failure to invest in the levees. Why give the repugs the excuse that a horrible hurricane (just bad luck, leaving aside the global climate change background) killed all those people? Especially when it’s not really the core truth!
    What happened was a total failure of right-wing mythology/religion. Of course. So why not focus on that? If they want to HELP YOU make the point that it wasn’t primarily the hurricane that caused the horror, ENCOURAGE THEM.

  3. Yes, Ghost.
    The question that needs to be asked, and it is not too soon to begin asking, is why was the federal government so unprepared for the disaster in the face of robust scientific knowledge about the disaster at all time scales?
    Typically of these awful scumbags, their failure was total. On all time scales indeed.

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