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Daou Report: The Dynamic of a Bush Scandal: How the Spying Story Will Unfold (and Fade):

The third button on the Daou Report’s navigation bar links to the U.S. Constitution, a Constitution many Americans believe is on life support – if not already dead. The cause of its demise is the corrosive interplay between the Bush administration, a bevy of blind apologists, a politically apathetic public, a well-oiled rightwing message machine, lapdog reporters, and a disorganized opposition. The domestic spying case perfectly illuminates the workings of that system. And the unfolding of this story augurs poorly for those who expect it to yield different results from other administration scandals.
Here’s why: the dynamic of a typical Bush scandal follows familiar contours…
1. POTUS circumvents the law – an impeachable offense.

This piece is well worth a read!

3 thoughts on “What Will Happen

  1. You’re confused. The left has been putting it to the constitution for years, from their assault on Free speech (McCain-Feingold) to the assault on the second amendment, from the attack on free association (forcing private businiesses to hire gays) to the attack on private property (Kelo). If the Constitution is sick it is because the left has made it so.
    [So if the Republicans want to suspend habeus corpusduring the whole multi-decade war, let them! It’s not fair for Democrats to have all the fun!]

  2. McCain is from “the left?”
    Attack on “free association” – wow I haven’t heard that one since the Selma Alabama days! Forcing companies to hire black people was an attack on liberty, etc…
    And I wonder if you know who the very worst offender of government seizure of property happens to be? Have you ever heard about how Bush made his money? Regular readers of this blog do.

  3. Like the mention of ‘lapdog reporters’ in this piece, Dave!
    And I seem to remember Joan Didion writing about how Bush made his money, among other things, in a piece for the NYRB in late 2000.

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