What Will Be Repeated At Thanksgiving Tables

An addendum to my post below about long-term repetition of a narrative. This is my local paper’s headline today, Tumult in House on Iraq pullout, and this is what it says,

GOP leaders had scheduled the vote on a proposal by Rep. John Murtha, D-Pa., to force the Bush administration to bring U.S. forces home now. The idea was to force Democrats to go on the record with a yes or no vote on a proposal that the Bush administration says would be equivalent to surrender.

You and I know this just repeats a Republican lie, but the people around the country do not know this. What they read this morning – and what will be repeated at Thanksgiving dinner tables next week – is that the Democrats have proposed surrendering, cutting and running, leaving Iraq immediately.

2 thoughts on “What Will Be Repeated At Thanksgiving Tables

  1. Dave, I am might agitated with the hippocrite in chief today.
    They scheduled that vote to take attention off their anti christian budget vote yesterday. They are supposedly under fire, but they are taking food away from hungry children.
    They have conservatively compassionated us almost to death or disability but Bush is scolding us (including the extra seven million who have gone hungry on his watch) for not making enough sacrifices.
    Please check your email.

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