What They Think Of You

From a roundtable discussion of globalization, with corporate executives and venture capitalists participating:

“There’s something at an individual level that people in the [Silicon] Valley have to sign up to do, as well. In this globally competitive marketplace, you have engineers in China that go to work from 8 (a.m.) to 10 (p.m.). The company feeds them lunch, a great lunch. They have great facilities, equal to the Valley. They serve them a great dinner, and they work six days a week. They go home to be with their families during a month during Chinese New Year. But after that, they’re working hard, and they’re really dedicated to what they’re doing.

And so we have to recover from the sense of entitlement. Individuals have to want to get retrained. They’re going to have to want to work hard. Sometimes I wonder whether or not we’ve lost that in the Valley.”

Got that? It couldn’t be clearer. THIS is the corporate view of your job and your life in the future. You need to lose your “sense of entitlement” and get ready for a six day workweek, working 8am to 10pm, living in a barracks at the office, living only to serve to corporation and visiting your family once a year. (How soon will they be hatching superior workers in test tubes, and raising them from birth to be better workers for their selected job?)

The economists call it the reality of “globally competition.” But the real reality is that this is what happens when you apply “market solutions” to a world with hundreds of millions of unemployed. In a purely market-driven world, NECESSARILY those lucky enough to get jobs will devolve to subsistence wages, the rest will starve off.

When you value people only as economic units, the humanity goes away. In “market” logic the sick or old person should be discarded as a drain on economic resources. In “market” logic there is no point in having a government that looks out for the interests of the public at large — this “gets in the way” of competition. In “market” logic there is no point in recreation, except for its value in making the worker unit a bit more productive. In “market” logic there is no point in educating beyond what you need for your job. In “market” logic your only value to society is the extent to which you will serve the corporation.

A lot of people don’t understand how much has already changed for Americans, with the globalization of the economy and the concentration of wealth. We seem prosperous, and we seem to have a stake in this economy, but it’s all debt. The only reason there is a new SUV in that driveway, and a new family in that nice house, is they are still allowed to borrow money. This borrowing represents our living off of selling the public’s assets — assets sold by the George Bushes of the world to the Ken Lays of the world.

How long will the debt be sustainable? The day when they stop accepting our dollars is the day when America wakes up and realized what has happened to us. The fall of the dollar is a sign of what is happening.

We’re going to have to re-think our concepts of “ownership” before this is all over. Why should the great masses of Americans be forced ever downward economically to the benefit of a few who “own” so much of our resources. With the concentration of wealth that is occurring, this problem is getting ever worse. We should re-think these concepts now, and discuss more equitable distribution of wealth, before things get bad enough that people take matters into their own hands. This is what has always happened in the past.

Who is our economy for? Who will love the people who have no use?