What The Words Really Mean

Privatizing Social Security now in Bush’s cross hairs:

“Bush envisions a framework that would partially privatize Social Security with personal investment accounts similar to 401(k) plans.”

But we already HAVE 401K plans, and IRAs and even banks. So when you already HAVE these savings plans, and he says he will change Social Security into one of these, it MEANS that he is saying he is getting rid of Social Security.

Make no mistake about it, there is no “Social Security crisis.” That is a lie, repeated so often that people believe it is true.

In 2018 Social Security stops running a surplus. That means that the government has to start paying back money it has borrowed from our retirement fund. THAT is the “crisis.” Not that Social Security runs out of money, but that the money is gone out to tax cuts for the rich!

When your car payment is due, and you have spent the money on ice cream, does the bank allow you to say that the car payment needs to be restructured? Or do they say you need to find the money? Bush needs to find the money, from where it went.