What the Republicans Think They Can Get Away With

Zizka posted a comment to my Iraq Again posting earlier, “God, those people in Georgia must be dumshits if the Republicans think they can get away with this.”

Well, I had JUST finished looking at Eschaton when I saw his comment. Eschaton has posted two different entries about Republicans lying, and just lying, and no one calling them on it. One was pointing to today’s Daily Howler. It’s about the long history of the Republican National Committee sending lies around, and no one calling them on it. Flat out lies, that everyone knows are lies at this point. The second referenced a Crossfire transcript about Republicans lying – JUST LYING – about where the term “privatization” originated.

So to respond to Zizka, the Republicans don’t THINK they can get away with this stuff, they KNOW they can get away with this stuff! They just lie, they send out “talking points” full of lies, they post lies on their website, they publicly change their story sometimes in the middle of sentences, and THEY JUST GET AWAY WITH IT. It’s all there for anyone to see. Anyone with half a brain knows they just lie. Listen to Rush Limbaugh for ten minutes and you will hear a ten-minute-long series of lies.

AND IT WORKS! That’s why they do it! They lie ENOUGH and some of it sticks, and people start to believe it. People still believe that Clinton got a $200 haircut while his plane held up traffic on the LAX runway. How many of you remember when Clinton was acused of selling an Arlington National Cemetery plot to a campaign contributor? It was just a lie and within a few days the press stopped reporting it, so the Republicans just moved on with the next lie. Go to Google and see if that lie is still in circulation. (And read some of the slime-pages this search brings up.) When one lie fades from the headlines, they start up another lie. It works.

Oh, man, this is getting to me. I’m using ALL CAPS in the middle of what I’m saying. The last post I used BOLD ALL CAPS. I think I’ll go take a pill.