What The Public ‘Knows’ – Congressional Spending

I often write about what the public ‘knows.’ (For example, the public ‘knew’ that Iraq attacked us on 9/11 and was about to attack us with weapons of mass destruction before we invaded.)
Right now the public ‘knows’ that in the last few years Congress went way out of control with the spending. And Republicans understand that the public ‘knows’ that Democrats tax and spend.
I’m not sure that the public knows – or cares – that it was the Republicans who controlled Congress who were the spenders. I am sure that they won’t remember that for very long because it is not being repeated and is not being tied to a larger narrative about Republicans.
What is being repeated is that Democrats tax and spend. And the Republicans are busy reinforcing that: Bush blasts Democrats over budget spending,

“I will use my veto to stop tax increases and runaway spending that threaten the strength of our economy and the prosperity of our people,” Bush said in his weekly radio address. He was spending the weekend at his Texas ranch.
“By keeping taxes low and restraining federal spending, we can meet my plan to have a balanced budget by 2012,” he said. “The Democrats in Congress are trying to take us in a different direction.”

I wonder if the Democratic leadership understands what is happening. Everything that the public is upset about after years of Republican government is being transferred – in the public mind – over to them.

2 thoughts on “What The Public ‘Knows’ – Congressional Spending

  1. He’ll get away with this, too, because it’s so ingrained in people’ minds that it’s the Republicans who ‘tax and spend.’ The difference really is that the Republicans spend like there’s no tomorrow but don’t tax the rich, so the burden falls on the rest of us. Never mind that Clinton had not only balanced the budget, had achieve a surplus, and was beginning to pay off the national debt. Bush reversed that in one Hell of ha hurry, and you’re right — he’s going to manage to transfer the blame to us.

  2. Geez, I meant that it’s ingrained in people’s minds that it’s the Democrats who ‘tax and spend,’ of course! Sorry about that!

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