What the PUBLIC Is Told

For those of you who read a lot of blogs and think there is a big Republican corruption scandal unfolding in Washington, here’s a tip about what is going on in the outside world. The entire page 3 of the San Jose Mercury News today – the second front page – had this story: Probe links Reid, lobbyist.
The big story accidentally left out that Reid voted against what Abramoff wanted.

1 thought on “What the PUBLIC Is Told

  1. Of course the story left out the fact that Reid voted against what Abramoff wanted. They couldn’t smear him by admitting that.
    By the way, I tried to send you e-mail twice this morning to let you know that the NYC snowstorm turned out to be officially the biggest ever, at 26.9 inches. Both e-mails bounced back, so you may have a problem.

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