What the NSA Scandal Threatens

Everybody please read The Left Coaster: Secrecy Run Amok and recommend it to others.
Watergate was about the Republicans sending a team in to bug the headquarters of the Democratic Party. Back then they still had to send a team in. The NSA scandal is about installing the equipment that enables those in charge to listen in on any phone conversation or read any e-mail at the push of a button. And we know this is happening without warrants or other checks and balances because the Republicans proudly say they don’t need no stinkin’ warrants — “we’re at war.” We’re supposed to trust the people that already got caught bugging the Democratic Headquarters not to … well … listen in on the Democrats, among other things.
As Mary points out, Senator Church’s investigation of previous intelligence agency abuses warned that this technological capability could be abused to secure and maintain absolute political power. And now word is leaking out that they are purging the intelligence agencies of Democrats, and taking steps to stop whistleblowers from warning the public what they are doing. On top of this we have seen that the Republicans are systematically dismantling all of the checks and balances and oversight of our system of government.
But, hey, give them a break. Perhaps they just think it’s really important to do all these things to catch the 19 Saudis who attacked us on September 11. Fine. But what if other people, bad people get their hands on the controls? What do we do then?
Watch your backs.

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  1. Watch your backs is right! I’m so disgusted and depressed by this I don’t know what to say.

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