What Republicans Think

I’m on Townhall.com‘s e-mail list. Townhall.com is part of the Heritage Foundation, which is the “hub” of the network of “conservative” organizations that runs the “Conservative Movement” and the Republican Party. I just received this “Conservative Alert,” which this time is actually an ad for a book by Ann Coulter, and is mailed to their entire list. I’m thinking it might be informative to show you what they think is a good way to sell something to “conservatives.” So here is how the Right is talking, a month and a half before the election. Remember, THEIR guy says he is “a uniter not a divider.”

The headline is “Nothing too extreme can be said about liberals because it’s all true.”

Dear Fellow Conservative,

No one knows how to put liberals in their place like Ann Coulter. And she does exactly that in her new book, How to Talk to a Liberal (If You Must): The World According to Ann Coulter … in How to Talk to a Liberal (If You Must), Ann Coulter is unleashed and at her best. She has done more than just collect her best columns. She has updated, expanded and included columns too hot to print. For example:

  • The essence of being a liberal: “The absolute conviction that there is one set of rules for you, and another, completely different set of rules for everyone else.”
  • John Kerry: “A reporter asked Kerry, ‘Are you for or against gay marriage?’ As usual, his answer was, ‘Yes.’ ”
  • Her 9/11 comments: “I am often asked if I still think we should invade their countries, kill their leaders, and convert them to Christianity. The answer is: Now more than ever!”
  • The state of the Democratic Party: “Teddy Kennedy crawls out of Boston Harbor with a quart of Scotch in one pocket and a pair of pantyhose in the other, and Democrats hail him as their party’s spiritual leader.”
  • Her philosophy for arguing with liberals: “Tough love, except I don’t love them. My ‘tough love’ approach is much like the Democrats’ ‘middle-class tax cuts’ — everything but the last word.”
  • The “Treason Lobby”: “Want to make liberals angry? Defend the United States.”
  • “we should invade their countries, kill their leaders, and convert them to Christianity.” The “conservative movement” has mailed this to their entire Townhall list 6 weeks before the election!

    If you know anyone who is voting for Bush because he is a “compassionate conservative” or who thought that the Republican convention’s moderates in any way reflect the Republican Party, send them here.