One thought on “What Occupy and Tea Party have In Common

  1. The problem is that America spends way too much on the military. My question is, why are they building objects of destruction like nuclear aircraft carriers, submarines, jet fighters etc. The only answer is to sustain it’s military industrial engine, that is controlled and owned by the huge corporations. It’s all about dollars and obtaining dollars, nothing else. Unfortunately, America spends almost 800 billion per year on the military budget, and that does not include the expenditure of the wars in Iraq & Afghanistan, as these expenditures are classified under a different “account”. The disturbing reality is that worldwide, 30,000 children per day starve to death in the world. If you take $275 per month to feed a child, that amounts to (30,000 x $275 x 12months) = 99 billion, say 100 billion per year required to feed the dying. Now compare this to the defence budget of 800 billion for America, a single country in the western world. Imagine all the money spent by all Western countries on this planet. It truly is a sad realization when you realize the amount of money spent on killing as opposed to feeding and helping the needy. It brings pain to my heart, and tears to my eyes.

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