What It Means

What does it mean, that former Treasury Secretary O’Neill says they were planning to invade Iraq right from the start, long before 9/11?

It means that after we were attacked on 9/11, the Bush administration betrayed us, and instead of going after the attackers, and instead of putting 100% of their efforts and resources and energy and brainpower and skills and talents into protecting us from additional attacks, they used that event to accomplish a different, PRE-EXISTING agenda. PRE-EXISTING! They harnessed our shock and emotions, and redirected them, and used them, and used us, and, worst of all, used our 3,000 dead in a cynical, corrupt, dishonest, drive to win an election and then to commit aggressive war against a country that had not attacked us, had not even threatened us.

WE all knew this, because we are informed. But much of America-at-large still thought that Iraq was behind 9/11, and now they are hearing this news — on 60 Minutes, no less. Let that sink in a while.

(cross-posted at the american street)