What If?

Since there are no Republicans supporting health care reform anyway, what if Democrats just give everyone Medicare, and pay for it by taxing the super-rich and big corporations?
Would this bring more or fewer votes for Democrats from now on?
I am asking a political question about votes only. Would the general public feel that the Democrats had delivered something they want – Medicare for everyone? Or would they feel it was wrong to tax the super-rich?
Benefits of this would include taking a huge burden off of American companies. Any company now providing health insurance would have its costs dramatically reduced. Ans this would probably increase profits enough that those paying increased taxes would be taking more more than they were before.

2 thoughts on “What If?

  1. Well, I have been commenting that medicare for all is the way to go on a number of blogs so I might as well add this one. Medicare has to change and continue to bend the cost curve, but it still beats the traditional insurance ripoff: rescission, delay, discuss, deny, mega million CEO salary, etc. So, yes lets have medicare for all. An infusion of younger healthier people will make medicare stronger, I think.

  2. This may be necessary to see anything emerge.
    – 41% are supporting the Obama plan
    – Cap and trade will not emerge from the senate
    – Rep Campbell, CA R, said last week they will pull a few simply financial reform ideas forward so they can say they accomplished somethink…anything… before Christmas.

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