What If It’s More Than Corruption?

In the 1980 election the Reagan campaign ran an intelligence operation that, among other things, infiltrated the Carter White House. They had agents sending our most sensitive military secrets to the campaign. At one point they even managed to steal the briefing book that Carter was using to prepare for his debates against Reagan. Use of the briefing book provided inside information that helped Reagan temporarily appear competent. (Side note, learn about the involvement of “journalist” George Will.)
After that I wanted to write a novel in which the Soviets infiltrated the Reagan campaign, and made them all think they were getting secrets out of the White House to use in their ideological war at home, but in reality they were handing the secrets to the Soviets. It seems an obvious approach, to pose as ideological warriors to get the “conservatives” to do their bidding…
On to today…

To what extent is it possible that today’s Republican Party scandals are not just about traditional corruption, but instead are the result of manipulation by foreign interests, masquerading as corruption and ideological cultism? China, Iran, ??? The neo-cons are persuaded by ideology and cooked-up intelligence to go to war in Iraq. Iran ends up with Shia Iraq as a client state, with its oil resources at its disposal, for sale to China. America weakened, its industries no longer competitive, it’s infrastructure crumbling. Who benefits?
Think about the harm the neo-con “conservative movement” ideology has done to our country. We’re left with massive debt, fractured institutions, a dangerously divided public, destruction of public infrastructure, outsourcing of our manufacturing and technological base, weakened public education system, — the list just goes on and on. Was this just blind cultist ideology? Who benefits?
How much of the “conservative movement” was not American-grown? Look at the purchased influence of the Moonies – an internationally-funded cult sets up a newspaper in Washington and it becomes the news hub of the “conservative movement.” The cult spreads billions of dollars around “conservative movement” circles and sets up front groups with patriotic-sounding names. The President’s brother travels with the cult’s leader. (Somehow not the biggest story in every news outlet.) Everyone KNOWs it is about buying influence but no one acknowledges they are buying influence! Who benefits?
And this, to get the comments popping: In the 90’s the neo-cons kept us from using encrypted voice and data communications. Who funded that campaign? Who benefits?

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  1. We would be discussing how the arrogant fools became unwitting tools?
    Unless, of course, they set it up this way on purpose.
    I love it when labor secretaries use our money to outsource our jobs. I’m confused.

  2. …of the American public, fueled by the complicit, corporate media, has kept the members of PNAC out of public view. Few people understand that this has ALL been a plan – carried out with the arrogance of those who think they know what they’re doing.

    PNAC is one piece of the puzzle. The Trilateral Commission, the Bilderberg Group, the Council on Foreign Relations, Skull and Bones…. all the secret societies whose agendas are protected by the media….set the policies. And the public is so uninformed as to be ridiculous. Nascar and football above all.

    Learn the truth. The FACTS, not the theories.
    PNAC first… the rest will follow.


  3. You write, “manipulation by foreign interests, masquerading as corruption and ideological cultism? China, Iran, ???”
    Why do you not list Zionist Israel? This is a more obvious manipulator of our government – are we not fighting all its supposed Arab enemies for Israel?

  4. “Who funded that campaign? Who benefits?”
    I think you might find solari.com an interesting site. Catherine Austin Fitts has been asking cui bono for years – and getting answers, and suggesting what to do.

  5. “PNAC is one piece of the puzzle. The Trilateral Commission, the Bilderberg Group, the Council on Foreign Relations, Skull and Bones…. all the secret societies whose agendas are protected by the media….set the policies. And the public is so uninformed as to be ridiculous. Nascar and football above all.”
    Oh, boy. Your next assignment is to immediately read “A Culture of Conspiracy: Apocalyptic Visions in Contemporary America” by Michael Barkun. I agree with Dave that it’s highly possible that the neoconservative movement was conned by foreign interests. Like Dave, I’ve always been very uncomfortable about their connections with a foreign cult like the Moonies. But let’s take this step by step and piece by piece. That’s hard to do in this atmosphere of arrogant secrecy, but keep in mind that we’re supposed to be scared out of our minds into total insanity so we’ll be ineffective. What we have to do is keep our heads screwed on tight and gather enough REAL evidence to put these bastards where they belong. The information about the Moonies is solid fact, and we need to know more about where this leads.

  6. What if it’s something like the rumored tri-lateral commisssion carrying out the great north/south plan?

  7. Well, it’s all pretty weird. But the one thing I worry about above all others in the neocon agenda is this idea that all this chaos is intentional.
    I mean they are really fucking things up in America very bad. I am sure we will start seeing violence in that country of the 1970’s type like the weathermen.
    They are destablising the United States for a reason?
    But Why?

  8. What about electronic voting? Can’t the votes be flipped from anywhere in the world? If that’s true and the Dems were smart, they would make the case for paper ballots in order to prevent “terrorists” or unfriendly countries from messing with our elections.

  9. It’s always well worth remembering that many of the “founding fathers” of the current neoconservative movement were, in their youths, adherents of Trotskyite principles. After somehow becoming disillusioned with the extreme radical Communist ideology, they threw their whole selves into a movement as far to the right as they had been to the left, bringing with them what they learned as good Trotsky Communists regarding propoganda campaigns against their “enemies” (who were now liberals and largely non-white minorities, only recruiting a scant handful of non-whites upon whom they could count to “prove” that their message didn’t hurt minority groups).
    My personal belief is that they realized that the money flowed far more freely from right-wing and anti-Communist groups and simply sold out to the “highest bidder”; of course, with the money came power and prestige. Yet, when all is said and done, their goal is little different from their Trotskyite days, and is well-expressed in Orwell’s other masterpiece Animal Farm, that while all are equal, some are more equal than others. And they want to be the “some” now, just as they did then.

  10. I really think you are on to something. The folks at http://www.antiwar.com have been connecting these dots with regard to intelligence planted by Iran and Israel to get us into the war. Also, given the craven performance of so many Democrats, I think we have to face the possiblity that many of them are complicit in the effort to destroy America along with the Republican Disaster Party.

  11. The Democrats tried to get a bill through for paper ballots to back up the electronic voting machines this past May in Florida, but the Republican controlled legislature let it die in committee. I wonder why?

  12. With todays shrinking world, with boarders being crossed both phyically and through technology, it is the purpose of those that have control of the wealth to maintain that control. Labor unions, the reconition of the plight of the poor are, and always have been, the target of those in power and of wealth.
    The “New World Order” is to level the playing field where competition is stifiled and there remains a continued flow of cheap labor to supply the people that reamin just above the poverty line with the distractions they purchase that blind them to their enslavement of that “order”.
    Pragmatically, I see little hope for we the people. There are already too many enslaved and distracted. And it’s not an “if” but when this fragile folly falls it will be all too late. For even starving soldiers will be to weak to pull a trigger.

  13. Even if it were all true, good luck getting anyone to believe it. Hell, 30% of the country still thinks this administration is both honest and competent.

  14. This is a little musing of mine. Wouldn’t it be tragic if it turned out that the US never won the cold war after all? That Gorby and Condi (yes, Condi was playing ball with the russians when the Soviet Union ‘fell’) just played a little trick on you?

  15. You know, its been very confusing for me for years. From one day to the next I don’t know if I’m taking my orders from Soviets, the Iranians, Israel, the Klan or Argentinian Nazis.
    Damn, its so confusing. Let me check. Wednesday. Cloudy. Month with “r”. Consulting my codebook. Ah ha. Today, I do what Karl Rove says. Tomorrow, I listen to Ahmed Chalabi and Friday, Bono gives me my marching orders.
    I’m surprised someone finally figured us out.

  16. How Nuts Am I?

    Every now and then I come back to the idea that the “conservative movement” may have been manipulated by non-American interests. From What If It’s More Than Corruption?,To what extent is it possible that today’s Republican Party scandals are not…

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