What Else Are They Capable Of?

As the election approaches I’m sure we all feel steamrolled by events. It’s clear that the Democrats are having great difficulty coming up with a way to counter this Iraq situation arriving just exactly in time for the election. Iraq is dominating the news, the Congressional agenda and the election campaign. On top of that, the Republican “machine” of TV pundits, newspaper columnists, op-ed writers, radio talk show hosts and wholly-owned subsidiaries like the Fox Network and the Washington Times are marching at full speed in a coordinated and well-planned attack painting Democrats as obstructing the “President’s war effort”, less-than-patriotic and even somehow treasonous.

It’s also clear that the Republicans have been planning exactly this situation for some time. There is no reason for the immediacy of war with Iraq – it isn’t an imminent national security emergency, there’s no new news, there’s nothing but the election to explain what’s going on. Labor Day is the traditional start of election campaigns and Labor Day is the very day that they rolled out this “marketing campaign” as they themselves referred to it.

Imagine – a war planned just in time for the election campaign – it appears that the Democrats just did not anticipate what the Republicans are capable of. The Democrats did not imagine the current scenario and consequently did not plan for it.

So let’s imagine another scenario. It’s late October and the polls show that the Democrats are pulling out of this and appear to be ready to gain a number of seats in the House and Senate. I think we should ask the question now – What are the Republicans capable of between now and the election if it looks like they’re losing? It’s called an “October Surprise” and we all ought to be thinking ahead.