What Did They Expect?

Deputy Chief Resigns From CIA

Concession Democrat Senators voted to confirm Bush’s far-right partisan ideologue to head the CIA. And what a surprise, the Right is now purging the CIA of anyone who won’t be loyal to their takeover of the country. WHAT DID THEY EXPECT?

But don’t worry, the CIA doesn’t have anything else to do anyway these days:

“The disruption comes as the CIA is trying to stay abreast of a worldwide terrorist threat from al Qaeda, a growing insurgency in Iraq, the return of the Taliban in Afghanistan and congressional proposals to reorganize the intelligence agencies. “

Both of California’s so-called “Democratic” Senators voted for this.

Concession Democrats will tell you they voted for this because the CIA needed leadership during perilous times. The agency is supposed to be keeping an eye out for threats. But this is certainly not what the agency is doing now! The agency is being torn apart and molded into an arm of The Party! These Concession Democrats just did not understand what they were voting for. This is why they keep caving in and caving in, allowing the Right to infiltrate and seize control by placing their ideologues in the CIA, the courts, and the other formerly-independent agencies and institutions that protect us. Even the churches!

If you live in a state with any Concession Democrat Senators, give them a call and ask them if they understand that the Right has an agenda that might not be in the best interests of the rest of us. Ask them why they did not understand that voting for a right-wing partisan to head the CIA was not in the country’s interest.