What Did Kerry REALLY Say?

I’ve been looking at the statements the Republicans are making about Kerry, and as I look into them every single one turns out to be either a flat-out lie, a deliberate misquote, a “doctored” statement, or at best a misleading distortion! Every single one!

Shouldn’t this kind of absolute dishonesty from a President and his party be THE issue in the campaign? Lies, doctored quotes, outright distrotions, all repeated daily form the campaign of a President of the United States! What have we sunk to that such blatant, brazen dishonesty from the highest levels is not a national scandal?

Here is a Washington Post story documenting how Giuliani used dishonest Kerry “quotes” in his speech.

The most widespread example is the lie that Kerry said, “actually did vote for the $87 billion before I voted against it.” Yes, doctoring the tape – editing it down to just that part of what he said does make him sound two-faced. But in the ENTIRE statement, Kerry said he voted for the bill in a form WHERE IT WAS PAID FOR – and of course all the Republicans voted against that. And he voted against it in a form where the money was borrowed – which means taken out of the Social Security surplus — your retirement funds. An LA Times story said,

“Kerry’s staff said he was trying to indicate his support for an amendment funding the appropriation from increased taxes on the wealthiest Americans. When that amendment failed, he voted against the bill.”

In fact Bush threatened to veto the bill for similar reasons.

The next most-repeated lie is the charge that Kerry accused fellow veterans of committing atrocities. You can find the entire text of what Kerry said here, in How Do You Ask a Man to Be the Last Man to Die in Vietnam?. There is also a Meet the Press transcript here. Since this is the basis of the Right’s current campaign of slime against Kerry, it’s a good idea to go read the entire thing, and understand what he REALLY said.