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[My only comment is, if we had a sensible electoral system, we wouldn’t be stuck with recycling two utterly failed political parties… alternatives would arise to replace them. This may happen even under our current system, witness the ass kicking the Progressive Party candidate for Mayor in Burlington, VT (Bob Kiss) just delivered to the Democrat and Republican candidates. -Thomas]
Note to Moronic Democratic Senators: Americans Can’t Stand George Bush, by Cenk Uygur

The Republicans are unbearable. They break the law, lie, spin, spend, invade, torture and give away our money to lobbyists. So, I’m trying my best to not disparage the Democrats, since they’re our only hope left.

I don’t want to perpetuate the image of them as soft, feckless and spineless. I am worried to death that will turn off some voters and have them vote for Republicans who are driving this country over a cliff instead.

But the Democrats sometimes make it impossible to not criticize them.

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  1. Oh joy, another fringe party. Please let us know more about this candidate and his party. I forget which group is the Progressive Party, is it the Maharishi cultists, the pot smokers, or the Trotskyites?

  2. Cenk Uygur’s article says it all. Not only has the Senate caved in on the filibuster, the judicial nominations, the Patriot Act, the FISA scandal investigation, but the Democrats, the opposition, won’t even stand with Feingold on censure. It’s disheartening. A president who doesn’t respect the rule of law and disrespects the Constitution should be censured. This is the clear duty of the Senate and we are just disgraced by their cowardice.

  3. Dear Senator Reid,
    I am a life-long Democrat from the red state of Georgia. I am writing you because I am represented in the Senate by two, misguided Republicans who are afraid of their shadows and seem to have no idea of what is important.
    As a white male, I am in a very small minority of my peers. Also, I am an Attorney who believes deeply in the deep roots of the United States, founded in freedom and individual liberty. My ancestors have been here since the 1640’s and left Scotland to get religious freedom and a better life. Members of my family have fought in the Revolution and most of the wars since.
    Now I fear my generation, which includes you, will lose what my forebears have so bravely preserved, a nation of the People, by the People, and for the People, by having it replaced by an oligarchy of a few greedy families because we are fearful of some middle-eastern boogeyman. Americans seem to have become so afraid that they no longer want to remain free.
    Now I see our country in a deep constitutional crisis where the President and both of the political parties have forgotten who we are. They are using our false fears to take over our government for their own aggrandizement. Our leaders, including you, seem to have lost their courage, afraid a few suicide bombers will kill us all and stumbling over each other to provide a “security” that can never be provided. You and the other leaders have become so obsessed with “security” that you have completely forgotten that only free people can be secure and free.
    Freedom relies upon the rule of a just legal system that holds the individual secure against the government and those who would steal political power for their own enrichment.
    Senator Feingold is standing up for the basic principle of the rule of law to maintain the glorious chaos maintained by the separation of powers that protects our nation from tyranny.
    The first principle of the Democratic Party must be that it will first stand for the preservation of the power in the individual to be free over the supremacy of the government. Bush is an authoritarian and his philosophy will ultimately destroy the magical creativity of America that stems from our freedom to be diverse.
    The secrecy now in our government will kill our freedoms. If we are to surveil our citizenry, then the programs doing the spying should be openly understood and regulated rather than secretly concealed. It is outrageous that the only about a dozen Congressmen are being briefed on what is going on.
    Show some courage. Require that the President follow the laws passed by Congress. Get the spying out in the open so the People can make an informed decision as to how they should be spied upon. Perhaps, the People would rather risk a few suicide bombers than an oppressive government.
    Or, perhaps, there is really no hope because both parties are after power and control instead of liberty and freedom.
    Support the rule of law and make sure every Democrat in the Congress votes for censure. I view a closed government to be a much greater threat to me and my children than the possibility of being blown up by some terrorist. Bombs will not stop us from being Americans, but a secret government will eventually make us just another people oppressed by its rulers, no longer free.
    Get some backbone. Make a stand for Law and personal freedom over the cult of personality and fear.
    The concept of a Unitary Executive and that the President has “inherent power under the Constitution to spy” is malarkey. When the Constitution was ratified by the States, it was ratified on the condition that the Bill of Rights be ratified too. The Founding Fathers saw, knew, and understood the folly and evil of the “inherent power” written into Article II. That “inherent power” was modified by the Bill of Rights. Do not forget that the Bill of Rights takes precedence and amends the “inherent powers’ of Article II. Any historically faithful reading of the Constitution places Congress as the branch making the laws and the Executive as the branch that must “take Care that the Laws be faithfully executed” Any argument by Bush, Spector, Gonzales, or anyone else is simply not correct. Fight for Congress’s power to represent the People! Do not be a coward any more. Help get the Democrats in the Senate back on track. It is not a loss to lose a party-line vote. Show the Democratic Party stands for something. {Right now it doesn’t seem to sand for much at all as far as I can see from its performance this week.) You can do better. Courage and fidelity to freedom!

  4. My running gag about Democrats and Republicans has always been: Democrats are completely incompetent, but they usually mean well. Republicans are just as incompetent, but they tend to be evil.

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