What Bush Said Tuesday

Tuesday Bush had this to say about the Iraq invasion:

“We made it clear to the dictator of Iraq that he must disarm … and he chose not to do so. So we disarmed him,” Bush said at a Virginia community college.

Well, Bush has now set the marker. He has made it clear that the invasion WAS about WMD, not the post-war excuses about “liberating the people of Iraq.”

But there were no WMD. It was either bad intelligence or they lied. Bad intelligence certainly doesn’t let Bush of the hook. Since Bush has declared that preventive invasion is U.S. policy, we need to have faith in our intelligence that the country we invade really IS a threat. Bush invaded Iraq, killed thousands, bogged down half our forces in a quagmire with no path out (and by the way, we’re going to need to start drafting people into the army soon), found no WMD, and this has destroyed the credibility of our intelligence agencies and our country.