What are the odds?

I wrote this a few hours ago:

What are the odds that one of our winger friends will find a way to say something horrible about Elizabeth Edwards’ cancer? I say 50/50. It’s a bridge too far for almost all of them, but probably not all.

I decided to hold it back, but I shouldn’t have. There were immediately a lot of nasty comments, even at the centrist Politico site.
The worst have been deleted (one them called Elizabeth Edwards a “beard”, implying that she was helping her husband hide his true sexual identity), but the ones below are bad enough.
And I haven’t even gone to Free Republic or Little Green Footballs yet.
Update: The nastiness keeps on coming:

Its sooooo funny to see so-called “free speech” liberals demonize folks who believe this is a publicity stunt by the Edward’s campaign. These are probably the same folks who wished for Cheney’s death and then hid behind “free specch” when they were criticized. The leftists in the crowd are such hypocrites, but too self-centered to recognize it. So, so sad. Edwards is a shiester lawer who made his $$ suing doctors and now he needs one – what karma.
to pkj: And how is issuing a televised press conference going to make his supporters/money contributors feel any better, then a press release would? Is he going to return the money to them all if he completely drops out? What is your logic behind the televised conference?
I agree that a live press conference is a bit extreme. Although I respect his decision to suspend his campaign for sake of his wife’s health concerns, one must ask Would Edwards go to such lengths if he had a commanding double-digit lead in the polls? I question the timing of this announcement and the necessity of what appears to be the grandstanding of a very personal, private matter. I wonder how many Edwards advisors consider this a fortuitous opportunity to acknowledge the inevitable. A brilliant strategy for throwing in the towel, admitting “defeat” with a sense of dignity, but surviving politically – at least enough to perhaps fight another day.
Edwards has been trailing Obama and Clinton in the campaign. I think he’s a very smart and calculating person. What if Edwards is using his wife’s health as a way to kick start his campaign again? He announces that he’s dropping out or putting the campaign on hold. Lots of Press Coverage. Everyone is touched by him putting his family first. He get’s lots of Sympathy and support from the public and his supporters that they understand and think it’s the right thing to do. Then he throws his hat back into the race because his wife tells him that the country really needs him to run. His supporters are thrilled to have him back in the race. Even More Exposer. What a great story. My only question is this. If John Edwards becomes president and his wife has serious health issues would it be right for him to step down as President to take care of his Family? I think it probably would. However, Do I want to vote for a candidate that may have important personal family issues to deal with that could distract him from doing the best possible job as our president. The answer is “no”.