What Americans Know

You probably have seen this poll reported on other blogs. I don’t tend to post things I have also seen elsewhere, but this one really, really needs repeating.

“A new poll shows that 57 percent of Americans continue to believe that Saddam Hussein gave ‘substantial support’ to al-Qaida terrorists before the war with Iraq, despite a lack of evidence of that relationship.

In addition, 45 percent of Americans have the impression that ‘clear evidence’ was found that Iraq worked closely with Osama bin Laden’s network, and a majority believe that before the war Iraq either had weapons of mass destruction (38 percent) or a major program for developing them (22 percent).

[. . .] among those who say most experts agree that Iraq had banned weapons, 72 percent plan to vote for Bush.”

To understand Bush’s support, you have to unde

Well, I don’t know where the rest of this post went. It was up for a few days, and then this happened to it. Thanks, Blogger.