2 thoughts on “What 2010 Will Be Like For Dems

  1. Well that was underwhelming. A Democratic operative,Dylan, and a Congresswoman new to the world of governing.
    Root cause issues:
    The people have voted in a change guy who does not know what he is doing.
    The real economy will continue to recover as it anticipates the collapse of health and cap n trade.
    But the Democratic Party will continue to crater. Hugo Chavez can smell the Presidents sulphur…what!? Fidel Castro thinks he is putting on a show? The great middle does not reward incompetence or America being embarrassed by tin-horn dictators.

  2. It is awful when a question is asked that requires more than a sound-bite answer, and the questioner insists on breaking in about two seconds into the answer. Sound-bites are one of the plagues of the modern news world. Anything that requires actual considered thought gets brushed aside.
    The interviewer did have good points in his own argument, of course.

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