Were Republican Leaders Blackmailing Foley?

One question stands out — WHY did the Republican leadership keep Foley in place after they learned what he was doing? Mary at Pacific Views asks,Was It Blackmail?,

My answer is what better way to make sure someone does your bidding?
After all, this is the Republican Party built by Tom DeLay, Karl Rove, Jack Abramoff and Ralph Reed. … How he was able to hammer the Republicans into doing his bidding. Then consider, what are some things that make people do things that they might not normally do?
Another question to get more insight what might be happening: what did the KGB do when they wanted to turn a spy? They used a couple of approaches: they found something in the private life of the spy to hold over them or they found a way to compromise them with something they wanted. It’s one of main reasons that spies are watched for affairs (and being a closeted gay was considered to be a major security risk) or for spending extra money.

Of course go read the whole thing.