Well, No, Actually

Matt Miller, Beyond Viagra Politics, blasts “social” Democrats.

Truth-telling Democrats would come clean on their own charades. Imagine a Democrat declaring that the party must stop pretending that mandates on business (for health coverage, say) are “free” ways to get social results Democrats like – when such mandates impose costs ultimately borne by workers or consumers.
And imagine if Democrats said it was time to stop scaring seniors about the G.O.P.’s nefarious plans for Medicare. Truly “new” Democrats would instead teach party activists something different: that the enemy of liberal causes a decade from now will not be the evil heirs of Newt Gingrich, but Medicare itself.

Well, no, Matt. If you mandate universal health care coverage, the cost of health care GOES WAY DOWN. There are lots of reasons for this including preventative care, people don’t have to go to the E.R…. And no, Matt, costs (and taxes) on businesses are not necessarily borne by workers and consumers. That’s a right-wing talking point. It might force marginal businesses to raise prices but businesses want to stay competitive so they will not raise their prices past their competitors. Maybe they’ll pay the CEO $100 million less that year to cover the costs.
And no, Matt, health care for our elderly isn’t the budget enemy, military spending is. Democrats are not “scaring seniors” they are warning them that the Right wants to do away with the program.
Matt, you work for a supposedly “Progressive’ think tank and ought to know better than to repeat right-wing talking points. There are plenty of well-paid right-wingers for that.

6 thoughts on “Well, No, Actually

  1. Miller can be very sharp, but he signed on as a counterintuitive liberal decades ago, and apparently once you do that you can’t change back.

  2. Are you feeling “healthy?”

    Dear Matt, I notice that you have become the latest “progressive” (a Fellow at the Center for American Progress, to boot) to peddle misleading or fake GOP talking points to bash Democrats on the pages of the New York Times….

  3. The man is a Republican. Just because he calls himself a Democrat like Kaus doesn’t make him one.

  4. Don’t forget that one of the biggest budget busters is the interest that has to be paid on the money the administration has been borrowing.

  5. Exactly, Tim H., ‘the man is a Republican’, like most NYT columnists!

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