Well hello!

I am Camille Roy, & quite honored to be here. Like any blogger I’m obsessed. In this universe I’m mostly concerned with politics & the economy (in other universes I write software and fiction). I’m passionate about getting rid of George Bush in November for many reasons, the two most pressing being (1) wages in my field have dropped almost a third since he became president. The numbers of jobs available has declined by a larger margin. Way to go, not. (2) Eer-raq war. Note: not EYE-RACK war. Please. My first language was arabic (iraqi!) (though I don’t remember it!) but I certainly remember the country and I never thought Dubya was capable of creating anything other than a horrible mess.

Did you know something like 18,000 Americans die every year due to lack of health insurance? How come that doesn’t rate as a threat to our security?