Buddy and Espresso welcome you to the new home of Seeing the Forest. They are slightly abashed by the move.
But now they are somewhat more relaxed. (“Get that camera out of our faces and we’ll be more relaxed.”)
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14 thoughts on “Welcome

  1. Thanks for those cute pics, Dave! Hope the ‘move’ solves all your problems.

  2. Why does it take several minutes for comments to show up? You type stuff, it just disappears without explanation, and sometime (much) later it shows up. AWFUL.

  3. That one too. I hate this.
    (In an effort to curb malicious comment posting by abusive users, I’ve enabled a feature that requires a weblog commenter to wait a short amount of time before being able to post again. Please try to post your comment again in a short while. Thanks for your patience. BLOW ME.)

  4. Font sizes vary seemingly at random on this comment entry page, at least with Firefox.

  5. How ironic that the top Google ad on the right today is for free blogging! Has anyone told them to fix the buggy mess they created? Then they wouldn’t have to advertise for more bloggers because they’d keep the ones they have.
    Everything seems to be working fine this morning. I’m using Safari to read and post comments.

  6. Hmm. New site and Friday Dog Blogging.
    Cute dogs, too. But cats take better pictures (and I am a dog person.)

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