We want our jokes!

Ok, now. Neil Bush has admitted in court to suffering from herpes and to having had sex with an unknown number of mysterious women in two cities of Asia. His ex-wife is being sued for claiming that Neil was the real father of another man’s child. So where are the jokes?

Leno and Letterman won’t touch the story. Like all normal Americans, Leno and Letterman love scurrilous gossip. Herpes is funny. Whores are funny, especially if you don’t know who’s paying them. Libel suits about adultery are funny. We can all agree on that.

If any of these stories were about Bill, or Bill’s no-good brother Roger, or Hillary (to say nothing of Chelsea!), we’d be having a regular laff riot right now.

So where are the jokes? Come on, guys, what’s the problem? What are you afraid of? We want our jokes! We want our fun!

(Originally from a discussion on Atrios),