We should gloat

We were all very cautious last night. Even when Lamont had a 3.6% lead with 91% of the vote in, none of the liberal bloggers claimed victory.
But now is the time to gloat over that mealy-mouthed bastard’s defeat. During the last eighteen years Lieberman and his kind have spoken very harshly about people like me (anti-war liberals), and the feeling is mutual.
The insider fatheads who bitch all the time about entrenched incumbents should have been supporting Lamont, but they weren’t. How very, very odd.
The experts who were talking about how Lamont was hurting the Democrats should be attacking Lieberman now for the same reason, but somehow I doubt that most of them will.
Now that Karl Rove seems to be entering the race on Lieberman’s side, a lot of people are going to have to take a look at themselves. Wasn’t Lieberman always a Trojan Horse in the Democratic Party? — he won his first race with Bill Buckley’s help. Aren’t a lot of those guys Trojan Horses? Wouldn’t a lot of them rather be bigshots in a weak party than share power within the governing party?
What a goddamn time to talk about bipartisanship. Jesus. Bush is the worst President in American history, and it’s wrong to expect that Senators from the opposition party oppose him?
Lieberman even succeeded in degrading his reputation another notch with his bogus charge that Lamont’s people hacked him. I hadn’t thought that that could be possible.
(Note: I am indeed full of hate, but I am a semi-retired third-rank blogger and represent no one but myself and the millions of ordinary Americans who feel the way I do. I don’t represent the Democratic blogging community or the Democratic Party. They’re a bunch of timid motherfuckers.)

6 thoughts on “We should gloat

  1. And with Rove involved, we already know the playbook. “Weak on Defense.” Prepare for the storm once the gloating is done. We’ve gotta be bud-nippers.

  2. This was a great thing to have happened.Remember that damn kiss? I don’t know who remembers that.The smooch on the cheek..Lieberman to Bush? That was it for me….ish.Gross.Glad, so glad he got what he deserved!Some things you just do not do!

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