We need a new media, #10

Before I retired, my big issue was the need for a new media — new national TV, cable, newspaper, and radio. I’m now convinced that elections are won and lost mostly among the people who depend on scuttlebutt and free media for their political information, and that the Republicans have a huge advantage there. So we need to scrape up half a billion and build the whole thing from scratch.
Many Democrats still don’t get the point. Even today, proposals of this type get kneejerk sneers from a high proportion of liberals. I stopped asking myself why; I ended up concluding that the Democrats are worthless and deserve to lose — it’s a pity that the U.S. will have to lose too.
But maybe I’m wrong. Robert Parry of Consortium News (first-rank professional journalist, by the way) is working on this issue, and Carolyn Kay of Make them Accountable is also on top of things. (She sends out frequent email updates which I highly recommend.)
Right now they are trying to put pressure on MoveOn to put some energy (and money) into long-term media projects, instead of pissing to away on a series of one-time single-issue votes.
Write MoveOn here.

4 thoughts on “We need a new media, #10

  1. I wouldn’t count on MoveOn. I never thought they were very bright. They are a great example of being at the right place at the right time. But that time is gone.

  2. Robert and Carolyn basically are treating MoveOn as a real factor ($$$$) in American politics, and trying to bump them in the right direction.
    If MoveOn decides to do the right thing, they’ll be more effective than You, Me, Carol, and Robert all put together. There was no implied endorsement of MoveOn by any of us.

  3. I believe in this idea John Emerson.
    A couple of weeks ago I suggested in a Digby comment stream that a nonprofit cable tv news channel could be established and be viable, but the few commenters who responded to me did so mainly with derision. C’est la vie.
    I have no desire to question the intentions and good will of MoveOn, but from what I can see most of what they do is preach to the choir. Outreach to the great mass of apolitical and unaware Americans who comprise the true political center of our culture– that is what’s needed.

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