We Need A Blog Drumbeat

Chris, at MyDD, in Armstrong Williams is a Crack in the Matrix:

“The only way that Armstrong Williams can be considered an isolated incident is that he is the rare crack in the matrix of the Republican Noise Machine that actually is now visible to the public.

[. . .] The FOIA requests underway on this matter are an excellent piece of work, but they are not enough. This is perhaps the best chance we have ever had to hold the Republican Noise Machine up to public scrutiny and do real damage to the “liberal media” narrative. We must take immediate action on this story.

[. . .] We do not have a large window on this story, and I have little doubt that many people with a great deal of influence over our national discourse would prefer to see it swept under the rug. However, if we can start the ball rolling on this story before the FOIA requests even come out, it could have a tremendous snowballing effect. We need to act now.”

We need a blog drumbeat on this story until the “mainstream press” has to cover it. This is a BIG DEAL. This is our government paying right-wingers to repeat right-wing propaganda. It is a major crime. And it says a lot about what has been happening in this country! WHO ELSE IS BEING PAID? AND WHO IS PAYING?

Beyond direct government payments, who is being paid by the Right’s heavily-funded network of “advocacy” organizations to propagandize us? Who is being paid by corporate trade associations to advocate “tort reform?” Who is being paid by oil companies and their fronts to say global warming is not a problem? The Armstrong Williams case opens up a crack in the door to this use of paid propaganda disguised as “news,” designed to influence the public to support Republican policies and candidates!

And, this case demonstrates the reach of this practice — I mean, Armstrong Williams? If they’re paying HIM a quarter of a million dollars cash, just imagine who else is getting paid, and just imagine the amounts they are paid!

This is huge. This is the White House again caught red-handed engaging in criminal activities.

Bloggers, keep this story alive!