We Are Seeing Different News About Lebanon

Americans need to understand that the rest of the world is seeing very different images on their news broadcasts from what we are seeing here. VERY different.
YouTube has lots of short videos from Lebanon.
Also, go watch Mosaic – excerpts from Middle Eastern news shows.
Just go watch a bit, and then try to reconcile what you see with what we are getting here from the news. The consequences to all of us are enormous.

3 thoughts on “We Are Seeing Different News About Lebanon

  1. How about equal time and videos from Israel, too? There’s really an awful lot more going on than we’re hearing about. I’m neither pro Israel nor pro Lebanon, but we need an objective look at all this. Rice ignited a fire storm with her remark about “a new middle-east.” One man’s terrorist is another man’s freedom fighter.
    Don’t forget that Israel had 20 YEARS of being shelled from the Lebanese border in the past. No wonder they tend to over react. They’re back in exactly that same position again.
    I have a shrink friend who was contacted by an agency dealing with Americans who have been evacuated from Lebanon. He’s an expert on post traumatic stress syndrome, and they asked him to see those coming back in serious shock. As one patient, who was sent by the Discovery channel to work on a documentary said, everybody was having a wonderful time and then all of a sudden bombs started falling. Our reluctant administration was the last government to even start evacuating its trapped and terrified citizens, decided to charge them, and kept dragging its feet about it, while those hateful characters on the far right are still insisting it was their own fault for going to Lebanon in the first place. This country has gone insane.

  2. In addition to Mosaic, Link TV has several ME series that are left of center. In addition, IBA News from Israel is also available on World Harvest Channel for those with Christian cable. In addition, the Toronto TV channel is available on cable as are a couple of Mexico City feeds.
    As far as who is right and who is wrong or trying to see a balanced world view, at this point, just compare what is being broadcast on these different media and the stark contrast between what the American public is being fed and the way the rest of the world views things.
    Previously, foreign travel never especially bothered me but the present Administration is evoking such a visceral response from the rest of the world, that travel even to “friendly” countries can pose a risk for Americans, something that I never thought I would see. (naively thinking we had progressed beyond the days of “The Ugly American”)

  3. Could you possibly give a quick summary of what sort of a view the US media is proliferating about the middle-east situation, for those of us reading this blog from outside the US? Otherwise we can’t really see what you’re getting at in your blog post.

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