We Are Saturated With Annoying Sales And Scam Calls

We are on the “Do Not Call” list, “land line” and cell. (We still have a land line because I do radio shows…)

We are SATURATED with sales and scam calls. Sometimes 5-6 a day. In fact if the land line rings it is for sure a scam call of some sort.

Why doesn’t the government enforce the “Do Not Call list?

2 thoughts on “We Are Saturated With Annoying Sales And Scam Calls

  1. This is my understanding of the DNCL: If you KNOW the person(s)
    groups calling, you report it. I get insane # of calls. I have an an
    answering machine that “answers” my land line in 2 rings. In 8 out of 10 calls, they leave NO message, name, etc. OK, I erase.
    This is the best invention.

  2. Because the phone companies make money on these calls. Period.

    Inconvenient for you? The telcos don’t care. Latest thing is that they’ll allow you to use Nomorobo software FOR A PRICE and they get a piece of it.

    People misuse their system because they don’t want to spend the time and money to prevent and now it’s a new ‘revenue center’.

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