Washington Post Smears Gay People

AMERICAblog : Washington Post publishes bigoted anti-gay comic strip has the strip.
Liberals are like Osama, Gay people are disgusting, animal rights activists and environmentalists are terrorists… and when their readers complain on their blog they just shut down the comments. Ah the public discourse in America under Republican control…

2 thoughts on “Washington Post Smears Gay People

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  2. I don’t know about that cartoon. It works as weak propaganda for most people, but since I know how much of an all around asshole (and homophobe) John Wayne was, it strikes me as satiric. As in, of course Wayne’d be crying, he’d realize how gay themes are inherent in Western movies, and that’d wreck his whole day!
    It’s true too, since the same people who like the kick-ass Westerns like Dirty Harry love the 80s Action Movies, the gayest movies ever, like Commando and Predator. By gay I don’t mean bad, just long, lingering shots of the male physique coupled with loads of double entendres and the small amount of film space the females take up.

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