3 thoughts on “Washington Post Headline Calls Hillary a ‘Ho’

  1. Kurtz has since retracted that headline and explains in the article that he was imitating chants of the 60’s, not trying to call Clinton a whore.

  2. At least Kurtz offered an apology. When Obama supporters were selling “Bros Not Hos” t-shirts, the Obama campaign didn’t exactly tell them to stop in so many words. In fact, the Obama campaign said diddly-squat.
    Apparently it’s only now that it’s important to the Democratic Party (who gave Obama delegates that he didn’t win) to start calling people on their treatment of Hillary. Too bad the Dems weren’t as eager when Hillary was actively campaigning against the Savior.

  3. I’d also note a few months ago when MSNBC’s David Shuster declared that the Clinton campaign was “pimping” Chelsea, it seemed that more “progressives” were upset that Hillary called for the man to be punished for his vile words. There didn’t seem too much outrage from the Obama camp nor was there any seeming outrage from the DNC over the appalling phrasing.
    Of course, if Shuster had used “pimp” and “Obama” in the same sentence (without the word “no” or “not” appearing VERY close), the man would have lost his job IMMEDIATELY with no prompting from anyone at MSNBC after the wrath of the “progressives” and the Obama cultis–campaigners was made known.

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