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This is just offensive: Wag the Blog: What’s Next for Democrats on Iraq – The Fix,

Some Democratic strategists fret that by turning the Iraq debate into a war of words on funding for the troops, an idea which Americans generally still support, the party could watch a political winner turn into a loser at the ballot box in 2008.
Today’s Wag the Blog question asks The Fix’s community to sound off on what the Democrats’ best next move is — politically — when it comes to the debate over the war.
Should Democrats escalate the current standoff and provoke a showdown with the White House over funding? Or should Democrats compromise in hopes of negotiating some sort of timeline for withdrawal? If they pursue the former strategy, will it risk turning off moderate voters who will be key in next year’s presidential and congressional races? And if it’s the latter, will the vocal liberal wing of the party revolt, attacking congressional leaders seen as too moderate on the war issue.
Remember the issue is not which argument makes the most sense from a policy perspective, but rather which one is the savviest from a political viewpoint.

We passed 100 American soldiers dead so far this month. How many Iraqis? How many “contractors?” How much closer is the Middle East to a regional conflict breaking out?
And “some Democratic strategists” and the Washington media crowd want to talk about who it’s helping politically.