Washington Conventional Wisdom Is Like New York Fashion

I think the fashion industry is a good analogy for the out-of-touch pundit and political insider class. Take a look at what the insiders think we’re supposed to look like. It really does resemble what the Washington Conventional Wisdom crowd wants us to think like.
Let’s start with Christian Dior with that special look for meeting his parents:
But wait! There’s more!

Here is the new office attire we’ll be wearing next year:
And for casual Fridays:
And from Givenchy, a new look in makeup, for when you want to impress that special guy:
And for the men, the “emperor’s new clothes” look from Calvin Klein:
They really DO think we’re dicks!

4 thoughts on “Washington Conventional Wisdom Is Like New York Fashion

  1. I don’t think you’ve quite got the analogy right. Nobody in the fashion industry, not even the guy who created it, seriously believes anyone will wear this stuff. They’re “signature pieces” that are solely designed to grab headlines.
    Let me make a different analogy. These costumes are the Ann Coulters of the fashion world. It is so far off center that it moves the center outwards, so they can get away with something slightly more outrageous in their middle-of-the-road fashions. And you’ll be happy wearing whatever they foist on you, as long as it doesn’t look like THAT stuff.

  2. But the “fashion press” will ooh and ahh as required instead of throwing overripe fruit at the models. As any sane person would do.
    That’s pretty much an exact analogy to the political press.

  3. Can you blame them? Heroin chic worked. Why not try plague chic? If that is a hit, prepare for gulag chic, holocaust chic, and Darfur chic.

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